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Plant ID - Wakatipu Wetlands

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Hi Team, 

Was walking in the wetlands boardwalk at Glenorchy a fortnight ago.
Saw this interesting looking plant growing both submersed and emersed. 

Air temp was in the low single digits, no idea how cold the water was, but nothing else green was really growing below the surface. Plenty of other swamp plants and bits of other submerged stuff growing, unfortunately didimo was quite prevalent in some areas. 

Anyway, does anybody know what this plant was? I'd almost say it was hygrophila. 


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Honestly, it could be any stem plant from a distance - a pic of the emersed leaf and submerged leaf could be useful. These can be a bit difficult to use, but are a beautiful resource for IDing aquatic plants in NZ - https://www.niwa.co.nz/freshwater-and-estuaries/management-tools/identification-guides-and-fact-sheets/macrophyte-plant-id-guides - personally, I seem to see more pest plants found in NZ waterways than natives (although those looking for IDs have often gotten the plant from somewhere close to human settlements where invasive plants have been introduced). 

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