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My Bettas - new & old

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I've finally got around to taking some photos of my bettas, after a bit of tank cleaning and moving fish around. I've got 2 'pairs' at the moment, with 1 male and 1 female being new aquisitions for Redwood Aquatics most recent import (though I was very late in getting to see them, do only got to pick between the 'left-overs' :( ). I like them anyway, and hope they will at least breed successfully for me.

1. HMPK male, from one marble parent. Looks a bit scruffy after an unsuccessful breeding attempt with a really nasty PK female



2 His future mate, recently purchased, HM white



3 New male, Marble Dragon Crowntail, probably not the best of types but a bit of an eyecatcher anyway. From Redwoods, there were 3 like this, but he had the best top-line.



4 My dumbo girl will have to do as a mate for Kingi, and will keep one of the daughters to breed back to dad, all going to plan (yeah, right!)



I hope to breed the Crowntail and Dumbo in the next week or 2, so fingers crossed. Both seem to be in good condition and at least are interested in each other. Will be interesting to see what the offspring look like. I expect to either cull heavily or sell lots of 'pet onlys'. Assumiong of course i get lots to choose from in the first place. :dunno:

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Hi Will,

Sorry about the links, rearranged my 'photobucket' into folders a while ago & off course all the links went haywire!'

I don't have any of the fighters left in any case - after 2 disastrous breeding attempts, all but the white female died, and I then sold her on TM.

Sticking to my guppies and cories for now!

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