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Killifish breeding


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Hello I've got a few questions today. I've been keeping chocolate australe and gardneri p82 for a while and would like to breed them.

If they lay eggs could they survive with the parents?

If I don't want to hatch them straight away can I just put the eggs in a dry container?

Is there a dry food that is ok for <5mm fry ?

Would jbl novotom be ok for 5mm to 10mm fry?

Would jbl novobea be ok for 10mm to 30mm fry?


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Dry micro food such as NLS fry food or golden pearls is fine for fry. Also dry brine shrimp eggs, but you'll need to soak them first and put in the water so they sink.

They will eat microworms happily but I think the live and dried food has more protein which is also required for growing fish.

Just put a little microworms in so they have enough to eat, or they could pollute the water. I suspect killed a batch of killie fry by overfeeding with microworms.

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yes, as long as it's the tiny tiny stuff - like a powder type size

they'll have a go at eating anything but the smaller it is the more they will fit in their mouths and therefore get it into their tummies

they won't really eat until they are swimming though - you don't need to feed them as soon as they hatch - they look like little dead fish for up to a week and then one day you look in the tank and they are swimming up the right way - that's what Alan means by free swimming.

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Probably but they don't describe it very well so maybe best to spend your money on something else, unless you can go to a shop and read the back of the container.

This would also be good for when they are very small

http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 731322.htm

This stuff you've already looked at, will be ok for killie fry

http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 901478.htm

This also looks good - 3 different sizes from super weeny to weeny... I'd probably get this stuff and then see how big the biggest powder was.

http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 074778.htm

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If you dont want to hatch out the eggs straight away you can store them on damp peat in a sealed container

I store a weeks worth of eggs for 3 weeks for choc australe and 4 weeks for p82 before wetting.

Its alway better to feed killie fry on live food as the movement triggers natural feeding response. Vinegar eels are a great food source it you dont want the hassle of brine shrimp.

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