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We adopted our Greyhound 'Senso' from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) 4 months ago.

Sadly many Greyhounds in the past were put down after racing, as many owners/trainers couldn't 'afford' to looking after them once they were retired.

We made the choice to be one of the many these days to adopt a Greyhound.

My partner & I spend a lot time being advocates for these glorious/well natured dogs at public open days with the adoption program 'Greyhound As Pets' (GAP) and getting asked a bunch of questions when out and about with him.

We have entered Senso into a photo competition and he's made it as a 'New Canine Label Finalists' for FourFlax Canine Flax Oil.

Our goal is to win the competition, which means he'll be on the label of every bottle of FourFlax plus their promo material ...hopefully further raising the profile for Greyhounds in NZ.

Vote by simply following the link below and clicking 'like' under the photo, or if you don't have a facebook account but still feel compelled to vote, you can email info@fourflax.co.nz with subject 'Senso'.

Thank you



If anyone feels like sharing the link on their facebook wall because they have animal/greyhound lovers as friends, it would be GREATLY appreciate. Just ask me if you are not sure how to do this :)

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SENSO WON! He will now be the next face for FourFlax canine flax oil. Senso has only been on this flax oil for a few weeks, and already we are seeing a difference in how soft and shiny his coat is :) His dandruf is almost all gone!

Hopefully, this win will also raise the profile of greyhounds in New Zealand and more wonderful hounds will find their forever homes :)

Thank you sooooo much everyone for voting! We REALLY appreciate it!


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