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Found 7 results

  1. Male clown killis for sale. Only males will be sold at current as I have not managed a spawn of many females. Currently have about 40 males available. Females could be available at a later time. The clown killi or banded panchax is a species of African rivuline native to fresh water habitats in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Wikipedia Scientific name: Epiplatys annulatus Price reflects the fact that only males are for sale I can ship, please note south island shipping is not very cheap, otherwise pick up in wellington
  2. F Gardneri Pairs available. Pair will be one male one female, They are the dark bodied strand , photos are of female siblings and father to fish - purchased as F Gardneri "Akure" - however this is very hard to identify Please note fry can be both light and dark bodied colour as this is what the Akure strand is known for producing. Pairs are $25 per pair. I can ship, however prefer to ship north island only- thanks PM me for more info photos are father fish and then siblings to you fish
  3. This adventure was what got me hooked on killifish More to come
  4. so, my filamentosa i got a we while back ive been sitting on peat from them (incubation time of 60 days) - well 12 days overdue and i thought i had better hatch them cos i could see eyes staring at me. Good news New Zealand - aparently they are alive - I now have fry - which have had 3 feeds of bbs now, and have gone from a small round container (collection container) to their own tank bay with filter today and peat bottom. - so now all we do is lots of water changes and massive feeds and well... we PRAY they survive.
  5. Thanks to rodney for selling me a beautiful pair of volcanum killis... More to come
  6. Tha ks to rodney who sold me 2 trios of clown killis... this is where my adventure begins..... More to come
  7. Thabks to rodney who shared the love and sent me some eggs on peat for me to get going. I will update thread more soon I need to get pictures onto one device with info so I can be as a curate as possible. This is my palmqvisti adventure.
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