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    Traveling tank

    I Googled car aquarium and got lots of interesting ideas but not quite what you had in mind 🙂 The Chinese have produced a car with an aquarium built into a seat rest console. I'm sure there is a way to build your idea but, if the idea is to introduce your daughter to nature, I would be inclined to catch stuff to put in a holding tank, wherever you stopped. Find out all you can about what you have found in that location, then let it all go again before you move on.
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    Amanda M

    How to cultivate Copepods in NZ?

    Hi there - thanks for stopping by! This is my first marine tank and I need help. I'm currently mid cycle with my nitrites on the way down and lights still off, so I would like to get some copepods and microcrustacians started. The purpose of this is to preemptively help battle the upcoming "ugly" phase, as BRS suggests. I could buy a small zoa colony or something (as suggested by my LFS), but I want to turn lights on very slowly, so this won't do. I could also buy some live rock but I feel like it would introduce more trouble than good. I could "cook" it in the dark for a while but I can't find any live rock for sale. I would happily cultivate these critters separately but I can't find a way to start them - what do you experienced reefers suggest? I want to start my lights slowly and get the pods in first without introducing extra complications TIA
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    Looking to rehome an adult albino rainbow shark. His name is Fanta! He's relatively shy, and will need a 200L + tank with no other bottom feeders. He loves to hide, and will do best with large, peaceful tank mates. He has been with me for ~6 months. He's been living in a 240L tank. I'm happy to throw in the food I feed him, along with his log ornament! (it's his favourite place to hang out). I am rehoming due to being unable to maintain all of my tanks. I'm very sad about it, so I would love to get updates of how he goes too
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    What part of NZ?
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    Traveling tank

    The shrimp will be fine and can take 5 - 26C. Not sure if you will be able to open this link...
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    Spinning X-Ray Tetra

    Is this the same tank your other sick fish was in?
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    Traveling tank

    The hardest part is keeping the water in the tank while travelling, i have used clip down lid eskys before with a battery operated pump powering an airstone and a riser pipe to allow airflow back out opf the container, that and screw top buckets has been the most successful.
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    Pothos plant for aquarium

    I believe it is very good for biological filtration as it removes nitrates so helps reduce algae. It is grown above water with only the roots submerged. The roots should grow very well and provide good cover for fry. Some put them in hanging baskets on the top edge of the aquarium, no good if you have a lid that totally covers it, or put it in a hang on the back filter.
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    Guppy strains in NZ

    I have compiled a list of guppy strains in New Zealand. Please feel free to add your strain that is not icluded in the list. So far they are: Named Strains: Green Diamond Blue Mossaic Full Gold Flamingo Dragon Head (tuxedo snakeskins) Galaxy German Sunset Micariff Spanish Dancer Albino Snow (Platinum) Snakeskins: Green (gray body) Blue (gray body) Yellow (gray body) Red Lace (gray body) Metalhead (gray body) Blue Grass (gray body) Solid (black tail, red tail) Yellow Blonde Yellow-Red Blonde Albino Snakeskin Bader Snakeskin Moscows: Blue Panda Black Panda Pink Panda Thai (Midnight) Black Onyx Black Blue (black body) Green (black body) Full Red (from Flamingo Strain) Metalhead Snakeskin Tuxedos: Red Fin Blue Neon German Yellow Black Wild Types: Venezuelan (hybrid endler) Rotorua Wild Mixed strain breeding Feeder Guppies Novelty (can be any strain): Platinum Swallowtail Ribbonfin Crowntail Merah Crowntail Double Sword Single Sword (top, bottom) Lyretail Roundtail Pintail Speartail Hi-Fin (dorsal) Long-Fin (dorsal) Albino Blonde
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    WTB Wellington - Gold Barbs

    maximum pet supplies in naenae has some... they just came in so i do not know if that is where you went
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