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    Hi Fishboy, I have a fish room in Upper Hutt if you need to rehome him or switch him for one of my many bristlenoses you are more than welcome, if he really is a bit like you say we have Multiple tanks so he can go into one of his own if needed.
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    Suspected Swim Bladder

    Keep us updated on how it's doing.
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    Yeah looks like a right arss very pretty though
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    Most of the time we can catch and release/keep etc too but not if it involves native, or invasive, species. We don't mind you shitting in the woods, as long as you are off the path, so nobody stands in it, it is the ones who do it in the waterways who are more of a problem! 😉
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    Wellington - After fish and plants

    I would hold off on the rams until the tank has matured, as that is what they prefer. I would offer some Anubias but not keen to send at this time of year and don't trust the couriers at the moment, from a time-wise point of view, as I am in the South Island.
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    Barbs are good and hardy, an easy care fish. The bigger the group (dependent on aquarium size of course) the more interesting their behaviour. They are more likely to show schooling behaviour in a large group.
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    How to change filter pads

    rule of thumb is no more then a third total filter media at once. As Caryl said, if you change it / them over a few weeks it should be okay Are you sure its cotton wool and not the white filter sponge, which you may be able to clean in some old tank water and put back in and then replace when it starts to impact your filters flow
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    Pond Snails in Wellington

    hi Bert - I think Maximum Pet Supplies in Naenae have some, if not I will see if one of Upper Hutt Aquarium Society Members have any to spare and ill get them to comment on this thread. Thanks
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    Somebody with large fish ought to be able to keep him safely as they will soon put a stop to the aggression. Have you got driftwood in the aquarium? Bristlenoses need this.
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    nomad fish

    tub goldfish pond with bucket filter

    Yeah i can relate, i love it but took me a while to get the exact right sound that was part of them fun
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    I bought a group of 6 bumblebee gobies last Sunday for my hardwater 30 litre tank (previously just had guppies in it). They were a bit nippier than expected, so I moved the guppies out and was originally unsure if I'd be able to keep them long term. Thankfully the guppies now have their own separate set up so I can keep them They're currently in a 30 litre rectangular tank but will be upgraded a little bit to a 50 litre hexagonal once I reseal it. Substrate is aragonite, filtration is a sponge filter, plants are java fern. I will get a refractometer (better than a hydrometer I was told?) and start converting them to brackish over the next few months. Question is-- they seem content to munch down their frozen bloodworms but I'm aware this is unhealthy for them long term. Is it worth trying repashy products with them/has anybody tried this previously? If not, I'm planning on setting up a culture of whiteworms and trying them on that and some frozen BBS to see what works. Also-- from what I've read on them they form territories and these territories are largely based around caves. I've given them plenty of caves to choose from but so far the only thing that anyone has fixated on is the largest rock in the tank which (naturally) the largest bumblebee has taken up residence on. Does this territorial behaviour regarding caves only occur when breeding or will they form these territories over time as they settle in the tank?
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    How to change filter pads

    Thanks a lot both!
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    I had him in isolation but he escaped this morning back into the tank. I have video of him roughing up my mystery snails, but that’s slowed down. I’ll try to get some footage of him with the barbs.
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    tub goldfish pond with bucket filter

    That looks really neat but it wouldn't suit me. Why people think the sound of water is soothing I don't know as it just makes me want to pee! 🙂
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    How to change filter pads

    Depending on how many layers of cotton wool you are replacing, swap them one at a time with a couple of weeks in between to give time for the bacteria to grow. Putting them in the tank for a week or two before swapping them out in the filter also works.
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    Here is one of my 'rare' fishes. It's a male Palmas buttekoferi approx. 30cm. He has quite a lot of yellow on him compared to the other bichirs we get here. Nice Cories guys.
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    So glad to hear they liked it Also lol at the little guy with his shell. Yours look really happy, how many do you have?
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    The repashy I ordered arrived today. I got the Bug Pie for the gobies, and man do they love it! They went wild over it, no encouragement necessary. I'll have to be more careful where I drop it though. The piece landed right next to one of the empty apple snail shells, and the "owner" of that shell wasn't too impressed about all the others so close to his cave. He kept popping into the shell to make sure no one else had taken over.
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    WTB Reptiles

    Im looking to buy any reptiles either bearded dragons or blue tounges to replace the breeders i lost in last weeks storms i lost 8 animals along with 2 of my tropical tanks due to heavy snow and rain and strong winds wiping out my power supply for a couple of days also keen to look for some leopard geckos i have set ups ready to go each set up now has it on generator so no more power loss over winter and outdoor set ups for summer but im also keen to buy full set ups if anyone has any for the right price i am in a remote part of otago so i will to travel to pick up so would perfer somewhere close but could travel as far as christchurch to pick up thank you nathan
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