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    Jumping on for any future readers If you're in the Wellington region and desperate, there is a huge amount in Kapiti. To be specific, Otaraua Park, from the King Arthur drive entrance. Park up and walk to the river. All along that side, particularly in the rocky areas you'll find them at dusk.
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    Hullo from Nelson

    Thanks Caryl, being an admin is a thankless task but I appreciate you responding to me. Cheers and stay safe.
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    Hullo from Nelson

    No we don't bother with a newsletter any more as I got sick of writing it with no contributions from other members, or feedback that they actually read it. The internet has made it very difficult for face to face meetings as many seem to prefer to get their information from anonymous sources from the comfort of their house.
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    Just observe if there are any changes to the problem
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    Hullo from Nelson

    I have a few Echinodorus horizontalis, one of which I have sold on trademe but have also had to refund their payment as no carriers will cayy to private homes.
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    Gold Ancistrus

    Here is my male gold ancistrus doing his best to isolate himself from his tank mates...
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    Hullo from Nelson

    Your nearest club then would be the Marlborough Aquarium Club but we only have 4 or 5 members and don't have meetings ☹️ Getting plants will now have to wait until the lockdown is over. I am inundated with Crypt affinis and have spare Anubias nana.
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    Hullo from Nelson

    Thanks for that. I'll give it a miss as I don't have time for social media. I am looking to affiliate with a club though. I'll keep looking.
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    Blue Tongue Skinks Tauranga

    Blue Tongue Skinks Born 2/03/2020 Already self sufficient but better to wait 10 days before shipping $200.00 each plus shipping May ask for proof you have an adequate enclosure for them
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    An interesting pairing this year, a friend has a beautiful male Blue Tongue Skink who has a goldish background with orangey markings, I have a female with the same background. He is pictured below, named Garvor. This is the Female called Goldie, they were paired up and within an hour had mated on the 5th October, they then spent a week together. And on the 28th February 2020 she gave birth to
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