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    If anyone wants to chat Hermanns tortoises, feel free to start a chat on here :>) Happy to help newbies, happy to learn from old timers 😄😄
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    free african cichlids, rotorua

    never! I was rehoming these for a friend
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    Just Add Salt

    That's surprising. A big reason for wanting to go marine is the wide variety of colors and interesting fish and creepy crawlies you can get for marine. Thanks Caryl and Livingart, I understand that cost and time are the 2 big factors, I guess I was looking for someone to say they've gone marine and glad they did or why they're glad they went with fresh water... Anyway, I've decided to bite the bullet and go with a marine tank Gotta wait till I get back from holiday in January, but I've started the shopping spree
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    New Zealand glass shrimp

    They are native so can't be sold without a permit but you can collect your own Most streams have these and they can be netted by running a net along the water weeds growing along the sides.
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    Water Poppy- Auckland

    Unwanted organism https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/90-Hydrocleys-nymphoides
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